How is Alexandrite Valued

How is Alexandrite Valued loose sale price & Alexandrite Gemstone Information


Gemstone for Experts and Gemstone Lovers

With its good hardness of 8.5, Alexandrite is an uncomplicated stone to wear. The more intensive the change of colour, the more valuable the stone. Fine Alexandrite, especially in qualities of over one carat, thus belongs to the most expensive gemstones in the world. It is rarer than fine Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Its value does mainly depend on the depth of the colour change: a really fine Alexandrite should show a vivid green in daylight, and change to purple-red or deep purple in artificial light, without any trace of undesired brown. And if its origin is indisputably Russia, than we are talking about a real rarity of enormous value.

Alexandrite is a stone for experts and enthusiasts, a true understatement stone. Its uniqueness and high value are not evident at first sight. The mysterious colour change will only occur when exposed to different light sources. But if you really get involved in Alexandrite, you will be utterly fascinated by this gemstone. Maybe you will also feel some of the mysterious magic ascribed to Alexandrite: in critical situations it is supposed to strengthen its wearer’s intuition to help him or her find new ways whenever logic will not provide an answer. Alexandrite is also reputed to support creativity and inspire imagination.