Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning loose sale price & Alexandrite Gemstone Information



Clean with soapy water, alcohol or commercially available products. Mechanical cleaners are also acceptable.

  • Unfortunately, most people overlook the proper care of their jewelry, resulting in unnecessary devaluation. While specific cleaning techniques exist for different   Gem Types, some basics include:
    For their protection, always remove your jewelry when engaging in activities that risk impact or exposure to chemicals (e.g. sports or housework). If you cannot remove your rings when using strong cleaning products (i.e. Ammonia based), protect your jewelry (and your skin) by wearing rubber gloves. While rings and bracelets are most affected by daily wear, earrings, necklaces and even pendants are subject to chemical damage, especially if worn while make-up, fragrances and hair products are applied.

  • If you own pearl or bead necklaces, you should have a jeweler restring them every two years (or annually if you wear them frequently).

  • Try not to remove your jewelry by pulling on the gem. Apart from exposing them to sweat, oil and dirt, you also risk loosening their settings.

  • Always check for loose gems and clasps before wearing your jewelry.

  • To avoid your gems and metal jewelry scratching each other, never store your jewelry in piles. Store them in separate sections of a jewelry box or wrap them separately in velvet, paper or silk.

  • The safest method of cleaning most jewelry is to use a mild warm soapy water solution and a soft brush, patting dry with a soft cloth.