Amethyst Value & Prices

Amethyst Value & Prices loose sale price & Amethyst Gemstone Information

When buying an amethyst, look at the color and the clarity of the gemstone. A high quality amethyst is colorful, bright, and transparent. They are available in many shapes and sizes. Amethysts are relatively hard stones, but always protect them from scratches and hits.


Some questions to ask when purchasing an amethyst are:


·        Has the amethyst been treated?

·        Is the stone natural or synthetic?

·        Are there any noticeable scratches, chips or inclusions?

·        Is the color even throughout the stone?

·        How good is the color?


As with all purchases, comparison-shop and see how much different retailers are selling the same item. Research information on amethyst rings to make sure you get the best value for your purchase.

Value per carat in amethyst, unlike many gems, doesn't rise exponentially with weight as it is readily available in large sizes; but depends almost entirely on color. The "Siberian" deep purple with red and blue flash commands the highest prices. As the stone is plentiful, there is little reason to pay top dollar for stones with visible inclusions or inferior cutting. Sinkankas gives a wholesale price range for medium sized, medium to deep purple stones, as $8-25/carat for commercial cuts. Federman insists that African stones should bring about 25% more per carat than Brazilian ones. Since subtle differences in quality can make large differences in beauty (and price), it is important to select your Jewelry from a professional who can guide you honestly and ethically in your purchase. Our firm is a member of the American Gem Society. As a condition of membership, we are re-examined each year to meet the Society's high standards for knowledge, professionalism and integrity. The AGS symbol is the hallmark of consumer protection within the jewelry profession - as it has been for over 50 years. Many gems are processed to enhance their natural beauty. Ask your American Gem Society jeweler to discuss which techniques might apply to the gem of your choice.