Aquamarine History

Aquamarine History loose sale price & Aquamarine Gemstone Information

Picture the azure seas of the Caribbean with their cool greenish-blue color. The water is so clear you can see through it to the lovely light reflections between the surface and the sand below. Gazing into a fine aquamarine, you can almost transport yourself to a Caribbean island, its appearance is so like these crystal blue seas. In fact, aquamarine is Latin for sea water. Aquamarine is emerald's most famous sister. It is simply a different color variety of the mineral beryl. Greenish-blue to bluish-green beryl is called aquamarine. The advances of modern technology have made it possible, and very common, for aquamarine to be heat-treated to drive the green out of the stone and leave a more pleasing blue. This is a permanent treatment and has become accepted in the jewelry industry. Aquamarine has been credited with providing courage, curing laziness and quickening the intellect. In the Middle Ages it was believed to give the wearer both insight and foresight and freedom from insomnia. Among various peoples, it had the reputation of providing happiness and everlasting youth. Water in which an aquamarine had been soaked was believed to cure eye troubles, stoppage of breath and hiccups. Ancients claimed that aquamarines cured insomnia, laziness, and bestowed greater intellect on its wearers. They also believed that it led to everlasting happiness and youthfulness. If one soaked an aquamarine in water, the water was thought to take on healing properties such as curing eye diseases and hiccups. Aquamarines have also been found in the ancient Egyptian tombs. Egyptians believed that these gemstones granted safe passage to the nether world to their owners. Today aquamarines are thought to symbolize the making of new friends, courage, youth, and health. Aquamarine can be beautifully set in a variety of jewelry styles. Most commonly it is set in yellow or white gold, but can be found in sterling silver as well. Because of its durability, aquamarine is an excellent choice for rings and bracelets as these pieces tend to be subjected to shock more often than earrings, necklaces or pendants. Regardless of the jewelry style or piece, brilliant blue aquamarines make a lovely addition to a woman’s jewelry collection.