Opals as a Investment ?

Opals as a Investment ? loose sale price & solid Australian black Opal Gemstone Information

Australian opal can be a sound long-term investment, with value appreciation climbing yearly. Few visitors to Australia return home without buying an opal. Compared to the past, when most purchases were modest and made in the area of triplet or common opal, today sees a far greater realisation of the investment values of solid or precious opal.

A top quality black opal can secure a higher price per carat than a good, clear one-carat diamond. In contrast to the diamond industry, there is no monopoly in the world marketing of opal and true market forces of supply and demand determine price.

The Australian fields are slowly running down, so it is logical that values on quality gems will steadily increase year by year. For the overseas visitor, it is equally logical to buy at the source of supply and save money. An Australian opal overseas may have been through as many as five hands before reaching a retail store, thus inflating the price.

Today, Australian precious opal is the most sought after and the most stable of opals in world markets.