Citrine Metaphysical & Healing Information

Citrine Metaphysical & Healing Information loose sale price & Citrine Gemstone Information

Citrine Crystals are pale yellow to deep golden quartz, this stone is said to be useful in steadying the nerves, clearing thoughts, communication, warmth, cheer and realization of one’s Higher Self.. Citrine crystal is not as common a stone as Amethyst but shares the same general occurrence. Citrine crystals have a hardness of 7 on the Moh's scale and is found in hexagonal formations (six-sided). The astrological association of Citrine crystals is Aries.   


One must be careful when purchasing Citrine crystals as often low grade Amethyst is heat-treated, changing  the oxidization state of the iron impurities, causing the color to fade close to that of Citrine crystal. Citrine crystals are found in a number of parts of the world, some of the better quality Citrine crystals coming from Brazil and France, however gem-quality Citrine crystals are not as common and Citrine crystal is also often used to imitate other precious gemstones such as yellow Topaz.


 Solar plexus chakra (third chakra): Located below the breastbone and behind the stomach, this chakra is associated with the stomach, liver and gall bladder as well as the pancreas and adrenal glands. The color associated with this chakra is yellow and stones used for revitalising it include citrine, yellow topaz and amber.  


Healing Properties

Helps with circulation as well as with hyperactivity. It also aids in anxieties. It enhances masculine energy.

Astrology       Sign of Scorpio

Chakra           3rd - Solar Plexus

Feng Shui      Helps in letting go of addictions. Strengthens self confidence


Citrine is associated with prosperity and success in business dealings. It promotes optimism and encourages harmony in the home and work environments. It is an excellent stone to stimulate the third (solar plexus) chakra promoting stamina and activating intuition. Citrine transmutes negativity and is considered to balance the thyroid activate the thymus and improve circulation.