Repair Work of Emerald jewelry

Repair Work of Emerald jewelry loose sale price & Emerald Gemstone Information

Because of emeralds sensitivity to high temperatures and rapid temperature change, it is somewhat risky to carry out soldering close to emeralds when carrying out jewellery repairs. It is possible for emeralds to be coated with borax, or proprietary heat-shielding material while carrying soldering work on the jewellery in which they are set, but this must be done carefully, and if the emeralds are large or of very high quality, it is better to unset them before carrying out repair work involving heat. Naturally this itself carries some degree of risk. For this reason, it is best to treat emerald jewellery with greater care and respect than for tougher stones such as diamond, sapphire or ruby.
The mounts should be of good quality alloy such as eighteen carat gold or platinum, not nine carat. Expect to pay more for repair work on emerald jewellery than for similar work on other stones.