Cleaning Emeralds

Cleaning Emerald loose sale price & Emerald Gemstone Information

Emerald jewellery can be carefully cleaned using warm soapy water, or detergent, rinse thoroughly afterwards as detergents can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions. Enzyme cleaners should be avoided for the same reasons. Brushing with an old tooth brush to remove dirt and grease will also help. Cleaning agents containing chlorine may have a detrimental effect on low carat gold alloys, so are best avoided.We stress that reasonable care should be taken when cleaning emeralds, as washing with strong detergents could cause any oil to be diluted or removed, requiring the stone to be re-oiled.Emeralds do not like excessive heat, and although they can tolerate temperatures above 100c (the boiling point of water), it is advisable to use warm water rather than hot water, to reduce the dangers of thermal shock.It is not advisable to clean emeralds in an ultrasonic tank. We sometimes risk it with our own stock, but we would never clean a large or valuable emerald which did not belong to us, in an ultrasonic machine.

Emerald Care

Congratulations on Your Fine Emerald Jewelery Piece! The color of the Colombian emerald is the finest and most sought after in the world. This pure velvety green is a result of extremely rare geological conditions found only in the remote Andes Mountains of Colombia.

Emerald is harder than quartz or tourmaline and resists most scratching and wear. It is less hard than diamond and sapphire however, and like all gems, it may be damaged if dropped or bumped hard. Also, small microscopic fissures are common to emerald due to their crystal nature and current mining methods. In the processing that takes place after cutting and polishing, emerald fissures that reach the surface (if any) are masked with a colorless oil or resin to reduce the visibility of those fissures. This simple and low-tech process is accepted as normal by the gem industry and is called clarity enhancement which may be minor, moderate or heavy. Emerald color, however, is unaltered and natural.


I. Do not leave your emerald ring on while washing dishes or washing with soap. This is because the diamonds as well as the emerald attract grease and soap. As these substances accumulate on the bottom of the gemstones, they cause them to lose their lively brilliance.

II. For resizing or repairs take it only to knowledgeable, professional jewelers. Sometimes trying to save a little on a cut-rate job may cause extensive damage. Take it to Emerald House and we will resize it for free.

III. Do not clean the ring in ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners or acetone. These may cause damage to the stone or the setting. Avoid strong soaps, 'jewelry cleaner' liquids or other cleaners.


Clean your emerald jewelery by using room temperature running water and a soft toothbrush: brush repeatedly on the underside of the emerald (and diamonds) to remove accumulations of dirt and grease. Use a mild soap like hand soap or Woolite. You will see that the diamonds begin to sparkle like new and the emerald will brighten. After drying the gold can be rubbed with a polishing cloth.