Iolite Metaphysical Properties

Iolite Metaphysical Properties loose sale price & Iolite Gemstone Information

  • Iolite's gift is in leading us to inner knowledge.

  • One of its primary functions is to stimulate us as spiritual beings, guiding us to a higher awareness, and awakening us to the inner knowledge that so patiently waits within each of us.  Within you already lies the knowledge of the Universe.  Iolite will help you open that door.

  • Iolite helps one to stay in the moment and bring harmony to the self within, which is really helpful in not getting distracted when you are trying to meditate.

  • Iolite also helps eliminate  and release discord in relationships.

  • MONEY: Iolite should be combined in the Success jewelry and gifts stones (Citrine, Aventure, Peridot, etc), when resolving debts, or too much debt is a problem that needs to be eliminated. It helps us to assume financial independence by correctly aligning us with the acceptance of financial responsibility, and gives one better ability in the management of money.

  • HEALTH: Iolite offers physical protection from disease, establishing a constitution that defies physical disorder.

  • CAREER: Enhances leadership ability, power, inner strength, self confidence and executive ability.

  • MEDITATION: Iolite enhances intuition and is a stone that brings vision and prophecy.  It is said to stimulate the third eye Chakra leading to clairvoyance. Worn by Shamans in the past to insure accuracy of visions

  • Physical:  liver, cholesterol (fatty deposits) eliminates toxins, malaria, and fever producing disorders such as chronic infections.