Peridot Color

Peridot Color loose sale price & Apple Green Peridot Gemstone Information

Bright golden green, but can vary to darker green or greenish yellow. Peridot has also been known as Chrysolite, although this is an old name which was applied fairly indiscriminately to any yellow and greenish yellow stones. It was also once incorrectly called topaz. There are also brown peridots. Since1952 many stones believed to be brown peridots have been found to be a different mineral called Sinhalite. Peridot is a gain for the green gemstone’ colour palette. There is trend to use it not only as individual stone, but also in jewellery series. And since the world of fashion has just discovered a preference for the colour green, the popularity of this deep green gemstone has increased accordingly. And the rich occurrences in Pakistan and Afghanistan have provided the market with sufficient raw material, so that the individual taste and each budget can be met. But if the “right” stone for you is a large and transparent one, intensely coloured, be prepared: they are quite rare and valuable. Peridot is a gemstone which one should definitely get to know. Its fine pistachio green or olive green ideally complements a light summertime outfit.