Peridot Sources

Peridot Sources loose sale price & Apple Green Peridot Gemstone Information

then became the prime source of peridot, stones from its Mogok region being generally a bit lighter green than those of Zebargad. Another major worldwide source of peridot is the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona. Only the Apache Indians may mine there. Lesser sources of peridot are Norway, Brazil, Australia, Hawaii and the Congo. Peridots have been found in meteorites.

Pakistan is also renowned for the exceptional quality of its stones but most of the peridots in the market nowadays are coming from San Carlos in Arizona, USA and China. Chinese and US peridots are plentiful but their color is much more yellowish green than their Burmese or Pakistani counterparts. Egypt is an important historic source. The Myanmar, Pakistani and Egyptian gems are rarer and of better quality and thus quite valuable, approaching the per carat values of top gemstones.