Rubellite (red Tourmaline)

Rubellite (red Tourmaline) loose sale price & Rubellite Gemstone Information

Called Rubellite because the deepest shades appear Ruby Red. The darker reddish colors tend to have more natural inclusions than the other Tourmaline colors because they are formed near the center of the crystal pocket and receive more stress and pressure during formation. Eye clean Rubellite is one of the most expensive of the Tourmalines. Since most Rubellite has visible inclusions. Clean Rubellite is very rare, so if you see a super clean stone it's probably a radiated Pink Tourmaline or a Rhodolite Garnet. Red and pink Tourmalines come in many different shades from palest Baby Blush-pink to a bold pink and a deep ruby red. But only a selected few of these are called Rubellite. The name is derived from the Latin term "rubellus” which means reddish. This exceptionally beautiful gemstone shows a vivid color. While generally colored gemstones in good qualities are expected to be almost free of inclusions, such imperfections are tolerated for Rubellite, even welcomed to some extent, since they make the stone more interesting. Of course, this assumes that the inclusions are small and do not interfere with the light refraction in the stone, In any case, a Rubellite with small and fine inclusions will be more valuable than a stone displaying clearly visible inclusions.