Synthetic Opal

Synthetic Opal loose sale price & Opal Gemstone Information

Synthetic Opal is material which has essentially the same chemical composition andphysical structure as natural opal but has been made by laboratory or industrial process. Synthetic opal composites exist as synthetic opal doublets, triplets or mosaics. These must be disclosed as synthetic opal composites.

Synthetic opal is produced in the laboratory and has a similar structure to that of precious opal. The following observations can be made to differentiate between natural and synthetic opal:

  • Synthetic stones show brighter colours, and larger colour patches than in natural opal.

  • In synthetic opal, colour grain boundaries are highly irregular.

  • Synthetic opal has a distinctive snakeskin pattern.

  • Synthetic material shows a more ordered array of colours because the intricate pattern of natural opal cannot be duplicated.



Imitation Opal is material which imitates the play of colour of natural opal, but does not have the same physical and chemical structure or gemmological constants as natural opal.

This is non-opaline material such as coloured tinsel set in clear plastic or epoxy resin.