Lighting Effect on Tanzanite

Lighting Effect on Tanzanite loose sale price & Tanzanite Gemstone Information

  • Sunlight  
    At midday, it normally has a neutral effect on the hue. Earlier and later in the day, it adds red, orange, or yellow making the
    stones look more purple.

  • Light bulbs & candlelight  
    Add red. Purple colors are strengthened, blue may turn violet to purple, and grayish colors may look brownish. The degrees of change varies depending on the stone. Some show little change.

  • Flourescent lights
    Depends on what type they are. Most strengthen the blue in

  • Halogen spotlights
    Add sparkle and usually make stones look more purple. The
    color change is usually less than with light bulbs.

  • Light under an overcast sky  
    Adds blue and grey.