Tourmaline Methaphysical Properties

Tourmaline Methaphysical Properties loose sale price & Tourmaline Gemstone Information

This is a powerful electromagnetic mineral. Metaphysical uses include strengthening  body and spirit. It helps move lower frequency thoughts and energies to a higher frequency of light. It is a stone that has long been used by shaman among the African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes. This stone protects you and your environment from negative influences and personalities and is used in purification rituals if you find yourself living or working in areas which you feel are not entirely comfortable It neutralizes distorted energies. It is said to be an aid when seeking inspiration or understanding. 


Pink Tourmaline

is said to promote female balance, green Tourmaline promotes male balance, and all varieties of Tourmaline offer protection against dangers.


Black Tourmaline

Shields against unwanted energies.  Dispels fears, obsessions and neurosis.  Great for grounding in times of stress and after healing.  Protects against radiation.


Green Tourmaline

This is a receptive stone that strengthens your life force and compassion.  Assists in energizing the central nervous system. Recommended for blocks that lead to problems with the lungs such as asthma.